Hi You -
 Wake Up!

Your life is happening now!

How about living them with joy?

Some people will develop world-changing ideas, 

cure diseases or compose music that will heal hearts. 

My job is to make sure you won’t settle for anything less.

I'm Yaara, I help people bring dreams to life 
Co-Active Certified Coach, Expert in Coaching, Training & Education


There isn’t any right way for you to move in the world. And yet at times, you feel stuck. You might even wish to change something, but have no idea where to start. 


You don’t have to chase your own tail.

There’s another way.

Coaching is a proven method to diffuse doubts, overcome fears and achieve success. Regardless of your circumstances.

Once you put in your best creative efforts, you will live a life of meaning & passion. 

I’ll be in charge of providing the ideal settings for you to soar. 

We all carry our scars. As a woman who is living with Multiple Sclerosis, I know it is not an easy path.

I also know that during this process, dreams would be awakened.

That when you head with a confident mindset- nothing stands in your way.

That next step you wondered about? It was your inner fire getting warm.   

Coaching offers

Individual session

8 sessions jouerny


Career development program

1:1 sessions for MeetingPoint members

1:1 free sample session

During your journey, we will question every assumption


I’m so grateful for what I managed to achieve thanks to Ya'ara. She helped me peel off fears and covers, find my true desires and beliefs, and get going towards my goals! Ya’ara helped me set those clear goals, design a detailed plan, and keep on focusing on what matters, all within a great atmosphere and positive energies. She always gracefully makes sure the work we do together is precise and touches exactly what’s blocking me at the moment, and I get clear and helpful homework after each session. Since I started working with Ya’ara I feel like my life is in control, and I am the driver.

-Gilat Blumberger

Thank you for all the new discoveries about myself!

You are a real sunshine, thank you for helping me see myself better ;) 

You are a true archeologist for my hidden treasures.

- Anastasia K.

I met Yaara at a slightly uncertain time of my life, I was lost and I didn’t know what I should do. She helped me to understand how can I help myself. She guided me through my messy mind and encouraged me not to give up. She’s really passionate about her job. I enjoyed each session!

- Irina Zhivotovskaia