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Individual Coaching Offers

Creative Life Design

When in need of redesigning.

A dive into a creativity-provoking process that will guide your unique path.


The goal - Leading a fulfilling life that fits you.


From my side, I will make sure you progress towards your goals while you stay connected to your core. 


  • 8 individual coaching sessions.

  • Open communication in between sessions for feedback and support.

Individual Session

Explore within you for better clarify and resonant choice

A single coaching consult

  • 1 session, 60 minutes

  • Recommended to enhance growth, after completing at least one package   

Group Coaching Offers

IN MY SKIN - Femininity Circles

10.5.22, 19 PM, CET
Details & Registration: here

Details & Registration: To Be Followed 

Experience coaching in a free chemistry session

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