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My Story

Ever since I can remember, I was fascinated with human stories and realistic fiction. I was deeply interested in every genre that 

explored human behavior.​

My interest in people led me to complete a BA degree in Literature & Communication. I enjoyed the thrill and human contact I found in the communication field but found greater meaning as a literature high school teacher. 


During those years, I celebrated my love and got married, and two years after, we had our amazing baby girl - Mika. When our daughter was ten months old, we set off for an adventure. We moved a few thousand KM from Israel to Switzerland, and today are living in Zurich. Beautiful Tom was born three years later, adding more joy to our family.

Over the years, we had traveled a lot. I learned I really enjoy discovering new places. I find there is something so special and humbling about encountering different cultures. 

My way as a coach feels to me exactly like that, a meaningful discovery of unfamiliar territory. This journey that I’m on, took me by surprise. I had no idea how deep I would dive into discovering others.

When my way as a coach started to unfold, it was empowering. The notion I can do something I truly believe in, be able to support human stories that are actual lives, was too good to be true.

I am inspired every single day by the wonderful people I work with, who allow me, and themselves, to grow to the actual extent of who we are.

Radiance Coaching was formed in 2020 - Supporting the growth of individuals & groups.

Since February 2022 - I asserted the role of senior job coach at PowerCoders, providing professional guidance to the job coaches.  


My Life With MS

When I received my diagnosis in December 2019 of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I was shocked. The volume of things I suddenly had to process at once was overwhelming. The future became very unclear, and I felt scared. I couldn’t comprehend this new narrative of myself being a sick person, a person who might become severely impaired. I got thrown on this journey with no control.


The desire to live life to the fullest awoke in me. To do everything I can, for as long as I can. Alongside this, it was about making sense out of it all, and understanding what is in my control. I changed my lifestyle to one that includes a lot of sports, a specific diet, and reducing unnecessary stress.


Slowly I began to understand my symptoms better. Understand how to live in the current situation, even though everything can change at any moment. I became even more grateful for all that I’m blessed with, especially the love I receive from my family and friends and my deep passion for my work. 


By trying to accept the MS as one part of me, I feel I become better at taking charge. There are weak moments or days of struggle. I'm learning what I need to allow myself to get better, and I carry on.   

Leonard Cohen said it so well - “There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in”.

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