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Coaching With Me

I invite you to discover what is truly important for you.

Coaching is an empowering path of letting limiting beliefs and old stories go while steering towards fulfillment. 

My Vision

The truth is that as a person, or a coach, I don’t know any better.

I will dare to ask what you want to know. I ask and truly listen, allowing you to hear yourself.

I will encourage you to keep going and challenge you to understand and achieve your vision.

We will make sure to stop and celebrate together.

We will dig deep in the mud when needed, and brainstorm our way out in case you slip.

We will both bring our authentic selves and reach out to our creative resources.

We will get some good laughs along the way, it makes everything so much better!

Some practicalities:

Languages: Hebrew & English.

Location: Online, via Zoom, Skype or Hangouts, by phone, outdoors, at your house/ office.

Wooden Door

Coaching as a Journey

People come to me because they are searching for their path.

One session would be beneficial, but in most cases wouldn't allow you to achieve your transformative goals. That requires time for things to sink in, for effects of previous sessions to ripple and be examined, and combine the learning with your life.

The package consists of 8 sessions of one hour each.

The pace between sessions is flexible as each individual processing is different.


Once the package is over, we can renew for more sessions  or plan how to maintain your growth.

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