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MeetingPoint answers the needs of women who find themselves at a professional crossroads

  • A 5 step program over 9 weeks to reach your right career path

  • Every week: guided team session and an individual coaching session

  • Dedicated Facebook group with your coach and team 

  • Weekly team collaborations

  • Weekly check-ups

Join forces & shape your professional development in 9 weeks

Ya'ara, your MeetingPoint coach

Image by Brooke Lark

Who will you be 

once you scrape off layers

of fears & doubts?

One that has full permission to show up authentically and take all the space you need

Motivated by what matters most to you!


A force to be recognized!

Impossible to knocked down.

Leading the way, for yourself & for others


The architect of your path!

You’ll do more than just discover it- you’ll create it!


One that makes things happen!

Driven from comprehending your enormous value



You won't compromise for anything less than living with passion

Along the program you’ll be:

Equipped with tools

to gain clarity about your vision,

your needs and what you stand for. 

So you’ll be sure you are heading in the career direction you really want to


Forming an action plan 

Defining short and long term goals

Keeping close track on your progress

Using your skills to direct others & be directed



in face of voices that weaken you

Identifying your obstacles 

Finding ways to work through them

Allowing you to head with full confidence towards your professional goals


Activating your distinctive resources

Unleashing all that is unique and powerful in you. Making your strengths & abilities accessible for your everyday use for you to be able to bring your whole self to your next position


Trusting your self-presentation skills

Drawing confidence from the encouragement of women who understand you. Supported by the safe space in which ideas grow and realize

Become the force you are

in a 5 steps journey

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new STEP 1-01.png
  • Zoom in on yourself in your current position 


The questions that will be leading your way:

Who are you now? Where are you now? What’s important for you? What are you passionate about? What’s working? What’s holding you back? 

  • Join forces with your team. Learn from each other's challenges and base your circle of influence

STEP 23-01.png
  • Form your vision


The questions that will be leading your way: 

What will fulfillment look like?

What do you need from yourself/ others?

What are you letting go off? What are you making room for? What’s possible?

Where do you want to be? Who will you be?

  • Inspire each other while establishing a safe, experimental space 

STEP 23_STEP 3.png
  • Direct yourself towards your purpose.

Create new habits that will allow you to        focus on what matters to you.


The questions that will be leading your way: 

What do you already know? What’s  becoming clear? What helps you diffuse your doubts? How do you activate your tools? What else is possible?

  • Obtain a deeper understanding of your path by exchanging & questioning diverse points of view

STEP 45-01.png
  • Affirm your impact 


The questions that will be leading your way: 

Who are you becoming? What opened for you? What are you realizing? What is new/  different? What are you grateful for?

  • Celebrate failures, accomplishments and challenges with your team  

STEP 45_STEP 3.png
  • Reflect on your journey and ensure your continuous development

The questions that will be leading your way:

What is possible now? What are you taking for the road? Who will you be? What else do    you need? 

  • Conclude your expansion in empowerment circles


on line meetings and a secret closed Facebook group


Currently, it is only possible to sign up for the next cohort's waiting list


Weekly individual session 

Weekly group meeting, Wednesday's 6-7 pm CET


*Personal assignment will accompany the sessions


Your weekly time investment: 1.5 hours

Your investment

 480 CHF

Early bird price before March 10th  

Only 360 CHF


Giving myself time to think about what can I do to starting over, refilling my inner energy sources, opening up my own tool-box, and accepting what I found there, and develop my personal environment.

Having a group environment where everybody is working on some personal goal can help bring collective energy into the entire group by sharing experiences.

Coaching is more than just career advice & strategies.

Through other people sharing, you understand you are not alone with your challenges.


Ya’ara Segal, MeetingPoint's leading professional coach

A few years ago, I was where you are now.

I felt that unless I change the direction my professional life is heading, I’ll sink.

I felt I was becoming lost. I didn’t know what I could do, or even what I wanted.

Filled with fears, I left towards the unknown.

A few months later, I discovered coaching, and everything fell into place.

It is the most transformative, rewarding journey I have experienced.

I live & work driven by senses of meaning and passion.

I hold an accumulated experience of over 10 years in the fields of education and coaching.

A CTI certified professional co-active coach, and an SVEB accredited trainer.


Coaching to me is a precious encouragement framework, allowing you to stay loyal to your passion & natural curiosity, leading yourself to your exact fulfillment path.

Water Ripple

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

African Proverb

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