Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the program won’t work for me?

The program is professionally designed, first and foremost to provide support and to strengthen your confidence. We’ll find a way to make it work for you. Such that will lead you to increase your awareness and clarity. You still have a lot of work to do! Things will shift once you’ll work in between, stay open, listen & share. By the end of the program, you will find yourself on your right track.

What if I wouldn’t like the other participants?

Mixed crowds allow fresh perspectives that are proven to be highly beneficial in creating in-depth discussions. The more diverse the group, the wider the variety of viewpoints will have. The coach will keep stirring the sessions towards inclusive & enriching grounds. Allowing every voice to be heard.

I’m not sure I’ll feel comfortable sharing personal information with strangers.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing! It’s clear from experience that it’s worth the effort. People who were initially hesitant to share felt gradually more at ease and found great value in doing so. The coach is responsible for creating a safe environment, so you and all the other participants will feel comfortable enough to allow openness.

Will I definitely find my dream job after 9 weeks?

You might! The sure thing is you will be aiming towards your destination, according to a solid plan. Most probably, well on your way to reaching it.

How is it better than working closely with a coach?

Because this is one of those cases in which the whole is greater than the sum of its pieces. The advantages of working with a coach are combined simultaneously with the immense power of the group.

What are personal assignments?

Those are mini-tasks meant to deepen and ground your learning from every step of the process, throughout this journey. For you to succeed in forwarding your action, you'll need accountability. You will find your way to implement them in your life, in between our sessions.

Is the work I’ll put in will only be relevant to my professional development?

No! Coaching has a known ripple effect. When you strengthen your being in one aspect of your life, others tend to follow.

Will my professional path be completely clear to me at the end of the program?

Most of the professional aspects will become clearer, while other questions might come up. There is always room to expand and learning to be deepened! As you will continue, other issues will challenge you and trigger your curiosity. That's great!

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